Government Orders

New NFSM_For Supplying Seeds & Critical Inputs to NFSM – district for conducting demonstration_15032019

NFSM_Implementation of ongoing interventions under NFSM Rice, NFSM Pulse & NFSM coarse Cereals during 2018-19_15032019

NFSM_For Supplying Seeds & Critical Inputs to NFSM – district for conducting demonstration under NFSM during 2018-19 of Director of Agriculture & EoS & Mission Director_18012019

NeGP-A_Payment of Contractual IT professional under PMU_281218

Assistance to Farmers in case of Natural Calamities_Allotment to combat against the attack of Fall Armyworm a dreaded and destructive insect pest of Maize crop_281218

Matitirtha – Krishikatha_Allotment for setting up of Semi permanent lnfrastructure of Matitirtha – Krishikatha at Burdwan District Seed Farm,Purba Burdwan_271218

Boro Bundhs_Construction of Boro Bundhs to combat water crisis for ensuing Boro season and allotment of fund there of in the District of Hooghly for the year 2019_20_211218

BGBS_Meeting on 'BGBS 2019'on 21st December,2018_211218

NeGP-A_Payment to Webel Technology Ltd for IT equipments_191218

NeGP-A_Payment of Vodafone Mobile Service Limited_191218

Maati Utsab_ 'Maati Utsav 2019'_141218

SDRF_Sanction of SDRF fund amounting to Rs.1036.136 crore during 2017-18- reg_131218

NeGP-A_Working Certificate & Attendance of Contractual IT personals_061218

SDRF_input assistance under SDRF for the hailstorm affected Farmers of Coochbehar District_291118

Meeting_Meeting for discussion regarding implementation of ITC enabled projects of Agriculture Department, Government of West Bengal_201118

NeGP-A_AMC of Machinery_201118

NeGP-A_Partial payment Order of previous order (Order Nos.l300-AG/O/9M(Nab)-42/2014)_201118

NeGP-A_Payment of Contractual Data Entry Operator under PMU_201118

NeGP-A_Payment of Vodafone Mobile Service Limited_201118

NeGP-A_Payment of Contractual IT professional under PMU_201118

Kisan Call Centre_ Kisan Call Centre(KCC) Programme – State Nodal Officers & Sectoral Experts on 20/11/2018

BGBS_ Minutes of the Preparatory Meeting held on 'BGBS 2019' relating to AgriBusiness Sector on 19/11/2018.

SDRF_Sanction of SDRF fund amounting Rs.r036.136 crore during 2017-18 Ref: 2I46-DMCD-11012(12)/3/18 Dated 31.10.2018 of Deptt. of D.M. & C.D.

SDRF_Sanction of SDRF fund amounting Rs. 1036.136 crore during .2017-18_311018

RKVY_Upfront expenditure for development & deployment of voice based combining toll free TTS & IVR with dedicated leased line, PRI Card etc.' during rhe period of December, 2018 for implementation of "Matir Katha 2.0"_121018

RKVY_Process Training And handholding undertaken By District Coordinator' during the period of December,2018,for implementation of Matir Katha 2.0_121018

RKVY_3G post paid SIM & Dara Connection Charges'for the period from April' 2018 to June' 2018 for implementation of "Matir Katha2.0'_121018

RKVY_Technical & Content development of the application system & Misc. Expenditure' during December,20.18 for implementation of "Matir Katha 2.0"_121018

RKVY_Payment for CDAC SMS charge for Matir Katha 2.0_121018

NeGP-A_Payment of Contractual IT professional under PMU_121018

Farm Mechanization _ 2018-19 (FSSM; OTASFI; CHC)

NeGP-A_Working Certificate & Attendance of Contractual IT personals_121018

NeGP-A_Re engagement of Contractual IT personals_121018

RKVY_Fund release for development of application of Matir Katha Farmers App_121018

Administrative approval for maintenance and restoration of semi-permanent infrastructure of Mati Tirtha Krishi Katha at DSF, Purba Burdwan_111018

SDRF_ Status of unutilized fund sanctioned and released out of SDRF during F.Y 2017-18_111018

NeGP-A_contractual IT personnel for scanning files and assist in implementation of e-Office_111018

NeGP-A_Payment of Vodafone Mobile Service Limited_111018

NeGP-A_ "ExGratia" for the accounting year 2017-18 in favour of following IT personnel_111018

NeGP-A_Proposal for engagement of manpower (Data Entry Operator) at District and Block lcvel_111018

NeGP-A_Supplying of Office MAC Home Student, Apple Track Pad, Sony Bravia TV & UPS for Agriculture Department at Nabanna, Howrah_011018 

NeGP-A_Payment of Vodafone Mobile Service Limited_280918

SDRF_Implementation of ongoing SDRF distribution in respect of hailstorm affected farmers_270918

NeGP-A_Payment of Contractual IT professional under PMU_250918

NeGP-A_ Supplying of Apple Desktop Computer, HP leaser jet printer, Extenal HDD & Wireless Mouse for Agriculture Department at Nabanna" Howrah._100918

 BGBS_ Meeting on 'BGBS 2019' on 11th September. 2018_070918

SDRF_Status of unutilized fund sanctioned and release out of SDRF during F.Y. 2017-18

Farmer's App_Matir Katha Project Bills_060918

NeGP-A_forwading of Working Certificate and attendance report of IT personals_040918

 Bills for advertisement of Mati Utsad 2018_300818

NeGp-A_Order for supply and instalation of Desktop Computer, UPS,colour leserjet Printer_200818

NeGp-A_Enhansment of Monthly remunaration of Contractual IT professional_200818

NeGp-A_Payment of Contractual IT professional_200818

NeGp-A_Re-engagement of IT profesonnel for implementing of e-Oflice_200818

IT Project on smart tracking system of agricultural input deliveries reaching the beneficiaries  under Technology Demonstration_170818

Order regarding Matir Katha Portal for shifting under Govt domain_170818

NeGP-A_Regarding instalation of Broadband at Abash & ATC Kalyani_100818

NeGP-A_Vodafone Service Private Limited_030818

NeGP-A_Engagement of contractual IT Staff_030818

Checking and certifying invoiccs submitted by WBEIDC for Matir Katha 2.0_310718

 NeGp-A_Payment order to Srerampore Treasury_260718

 NeGp-A_Regarding procurement of lT Hardwares for implementation of NeGP-A_200718

NeGp-A_West Bengal State Seed Corporation Limited payment RTGS_120718

NeGP-A_Vodafone Service Private Limited_100718

 Submission of name of Nodal Olficer for GeM of Agriculturc Deptt_040718

Request for providing contingent fund for holding meetings_020718

eGovemance_Daylong Workshops on "Embedded Technology Knowledge Workshop" to be held on l5th June,2018 & "Workshop on Data Science & its irnplicatiorls itr eGovemance" to be held on 18th June,2018

NeGP-A_Submission of offer nrice for IT Eouipments for Agriculture Department_280518

Format For Intimation of Crop Damage_dated 17/11/2017

CHC Ammendment Order dated_26/10/2017

Transport Subsidy claim of Potato within 25-09-2017

Transport Subsidy

Financial Support Scheme for farm Mechanization

Credit linked Subsidy Scheme for Rural Enterpreneures to set up Custom Hiring Centres (CHC) of Farm Machinary